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Meet Kelly + Her Family


We both love spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen with our three young kids. We both love playing and hiking with our three rescue pups. We both love the smell of the ocean, especially at night. But what we both love the most is telling warm and intimate and fierce love stories. And it is with these intentions that we capture that sweet glance between partners, that heartfelt toast from the wedding party or that impromptu dance battle on the dance floor that we know our couples will cherish forever.

Our Philosophy is Simple.

We believe in intimacy — in the unabashed affinity for closeness and warmth and affection. And it is this very sentiment that is at the heart of every photo we create with our couples and families.

“Kelly and her husband are such nice people to work with. They are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their work. I highly recommend Kelly Anne Photography for any event!!”



Capturing Connection

We pride ourselves in capturing true, natural human connection. Whether it’s a maternity or newborn photoshoot, engagement photoshoot or wedding, our number one goal is to showcase intimacy in its purest form – an unabashed affinity for closeness and warmth and connection. And for each family or couple we photograph, the point at which this connection is experienced and expressed is different.

Prompts Not Poses

For some couples it is when they look into each other’s eyes. For others it is when they walk hand-in-hand. And for others it is when they laugh together or cuddle or kiss. Just as each client or couple is different, so too is their expression of affection for one another, and by using prompts rather than poses, we are able to bring this out of our clients in order to capture authentic moments that best reflect their love.

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